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#4 – Digital Firsts

Chelsea A. Rodriguez, M.A., ISCHE 42’s ECR representative, and Fanny Isensee, this time in her role as a member of the coordinating team of ISCHE 42, reflect on digital conferences under pandemic circumstances. We discuss the role and relevance of conferences, how they differ in digital spaces and how all this affects the work and […]

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#5 – Digital Formats – Digital Futures

In this episode we speak with the former president of ISCHE’s Executive Committee, Prof. Dr. Karin Priem (University of Luxemburg), not only about the digital ISCHE, but in general about digital formats, digitalization and digital futures. We are supported by our guest host Franziska Primus (Örebro University) who was part of ISCHE 42’s Local Organizing Committee and one of its ECR reprentatives. Starting with Karin’s […]

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#2 – Why History of Education?

In this episode we speak with Prof. Dr. Johannes Westberg (University of Groningen) about his thoughts on the social role of history of education, different takes on the functions of historical narratives, and the need for the film “Die Hard 4”. Westberg, who recently co-convened ISCHE 42, one of the largest conferences in the field, […]