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#2 – Why History of Education?

In this episode we speak with Prof. Dr. Johannes Westberg (University of Groningen) about his thoughts on the social role of history of education, different takes on the functions of historical narratives, and the need for the film “Die Hard 4”. Westberg, who recently co-convened ISCHE 42, one of the largest conferences in the field, is one of the innovative voices of recent developments in history of education. Aside from recent developments in our discipline, we also talk about his own scientific socialization.

“Laudatio” by Prof. Dr. Marcelo Caruso (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin)

Läsare i. Norrland. Die Leser-Sekte. The Secterians

The paper referenced in the interview has been accepted for publication under the title “What we can learn from studying the past: The wonderful usefulness of history in educational research” in Encounters in Theory and History of Education

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