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#4 – Digital Firsts

Chelsea A. Rodriguez, M.A., ISCHE 42’s ECR representative, and Fanny Isensee, this time in her role as a member of the coordinating team of ISCHE 42, reflect on digital conferences under pandemic circumstances. We discuss the role and relevance of conferences, how they differ in digital spaces and how all this affects the work and biographies of early career researchers. In doing so, we talk about Chelsea’s research and how it was influenced and altered during these last months. Touching on digital resources and the ISCHE virtual conference, we also discuss how these new digital formats can not only help to expand an academic network, but also further the development of research interests. Furthermore, we also take a look at the manyfold activities at ISCHE 42 that addressed early career researchers, and lastly we highlight the possibilities and challenges of a Twitter conference.

“Laudatio” by Prof. Sarah Van Ruyskensvelde (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven)

Screenshot of ISCHE42’s ECR Gather Space
Screenshot of ISCHE42’s Twitter Conference Program

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