Thematic Episodes

#5 – Digital Formats – Digital Futures

In this episode we speak with the former president of ISCHE’s Executive Committee, Prof. Dr. Karin Priem (University of Luxemburg), not only about the digital ISCHE, but in general about digital formats, digitalization and digital futures. We are supported by our guest host Franziska Primus (Örebro University) who was part of ISCHE 42’s Local Organizing Committee and one of its ECR reprentatives. Starting with Karin’s biography and research interests, this episode centers on some considerations regarding the visual turn. As a recognized researcher on visual images, we took the opportunity to speak with her about this research approach and how it informs the newly created “Education and Pandemics Archive”. We also address the challenges and possibilities of digitalization and its influence on research, collaboration, and the future of education.

“Laudatio” by Prof. Dr. Christine Mayer (Universität Hamburg)

Italy, 1950. Old peasant at his beginner’s writing class.

Image Source: Priem, Karin, Hendel, Giovanna and Naggar, Carole. They did not stop at Eboli: The UNESCO Campaign against Illiteracy in a Reportage by David “Chim” Seymour and Carlo Levi (1950), Berlin, Boston: De Gruyter Oldenbourg, 2020.

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